Meet Luna, the unstoppable force behind the camera whose journey began with a humble hi8 video camera and a whole lot of imagination. From those early days of crafting movies with her family, Luna’s love affair with storytelling and visuals was born.

Venturing into the world of cinematography and set design, Luna first found her voice creating music videos. This brought together her deep love of pop culture and aesthetics, and led her to work with artists such as Katy Steele, Abbe May, Eskimo Joe and many many more!

Luna found that the skill set she had developed transferred beautifully into the world of commercials, lending her work a unique, vibrant style.

She has become recognised for her distinctive style, willingness to experiment with mixed media and retro film techniques, but most of all for her passion for narrative. Luna is a storyteller at heart, and her natural ability to take audiences on a journey has made her a stand-out in the industry.

In 2022, this won her a commission from the ABC to make the award-winning documentary Walking Man, which has been her longest form project to date.

Luna is passionate about inspiring the next generation of female filmmakers to push boundaries, make noise and set fire to the industry. And guess what? She still dusts off the trusty old hi8 on the reg.


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