Based out of Japan, Matsu approaches his creative work simply by the choice to create. The vision or project drives him, and he is guided by a passion for challenge and the potential of creating something new.

Matsu brings an infectious creative energy and enthusiasm to any project he is working on. His visuals are often regarded for their particular expression of colour and light, which he believes affords him the ability to draw the unseen beauty out of the spaces he is in. Matsu brings a childlike wonder to his work; he is always hoping to capture the dragons hiding amongst the clouds. A deep love of street photography, music, and cinema sees Matsu always pushing for new creative outlets and projects.

Across his career, there have been many opportunities to express creative freedom, and he has been fortunate to work on a diversity of projects. He has had the humbling experience of seeing his work displayed in Times Square and Rolling Stone (US), worked alongside artists like Tame Impala and Flume, published a national book on the rural culture and landscapes of Western Australia and had a solo exhibition that shared with the world an integral piece of his heart, the splendour of Osaka, Japan. Matsu has and continues to collaborate with global commercial clients in Australia and Japan, like Fred Perry, Canva, Puma, Le Labo, and more. Matsu always looks forward to his next collaboration, creating an inviting space for people to feel valued and able to work at their best, and he intends to bring his feverous passion for capturing beautiful images and telling engaging stories.


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Change for the better


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